Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Walmart ShippingPass Announced

Probably to compete with Amazon Prime I just got an invitation from Walmart to join the pilot ShippingPass program for $49.

The new service was just recently announced and just started on June 1.

Walmart already offered free shipping for orders over $50 but this new service gives you free shipping for a full year WITH NO MINIMUM order size for the single $49 membership fee.

However, as with the original free shipping service this doesn’t apply to every item in the online store so you need to look for the ShippingPass symbol before ordering.

That may apply to every online product which qualifies for shipping rather than just store pickup but I can’t tell for certain.

Of course Amazon Prime costs twice as much but offers much more than free delivery but if you are a regular Walmart customer this should be an attractive deal. Remember I have NOT tested this, however I do get deliveries all the time from Walmart and that service works great - I just always buy more than $50 at a time, which is pretty easy with dog food and 2 120 lb puppies.

Two St. Weiler puppies, they weigh a LOT more now.
See them growing up at

Remember that Walmart also offers free store-to-car services in some markets and in a few areas they will deliver groceries to your home (for a fee.).

You just order online and pick a time and a clerk will bring the groceries out to your car.