Saturday, June 11, 2016

Free Online Photo Storage

When there is a natural disaster or even just a home fire but no one dies, the thing you feel worst about hearing is that the family lost all their precious photographs.

How would you feel if all those memories recorded by dozens of different cameras over the years were suddenly lost?

I can certainly understand how it can be devastating to a family, especially one where loved ones long ago moved far away.

Today almost everyone is using a digital camera of some sort so saving them is much easier.

The older HARD COP,Y so to speak photos, that is those printed which are either in albums or just in a box on the shelf can be a problem although if you have even a cheap ink jet printer it will probably include a scanner feature and you can digitize those images into your computer.

Once there along with all the ones taken with modern digital cameras, you can upload copies to the great internet Cloud and several companies will be happy to store them for you at no cost.

Google does this through their free photo software and if you have an Amazon Prime account you get not just free storage but unlimited photo storage.

Once you have done that and have decent insurance then all you loose with a house or apartment fire, flood, or other disaster are easily replaced things such as furniture, clothing and such, NOT the irreplaceable family photos where you had recorded as many as four of five generations of memories.