Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Technology is more than just that damn blinking time on your VCR.

A lot has been happening in my life so we had to let this blog rest but it seems like a good time to restart it. The old postings are at Frugal Senior but I couldn't update that to the new format so I've moved the blog to this location.

One update will be to make postings available on smart phones and tablets.


One thing is that both of my service dogs passed.

The problem with Great Danes and other large breeds is that they have short lives - as you can see mine were as tall as our full grown miniature horses.

My new service dogs in training are a mixed breed you can see in my other blog Puppybyday
I am working on my next Amazon Kindle book, "Zen and the Art of Graceful Aging" and this blog will have some excerpts.

If you love animals you might want to check out our story of an animal sanctuary we had for a decade, Sheep in the Rafters. Free if you have Amazon Prime which I'll discuss in the next posting.

I also publish a highly selective medical blog with only the most critical medical news.

A recent story tells of a new discovery which makes it much easier to tell if a person in a coma might wake up.

There are many bargains on the Web from reconditioned computers to exotic spices which you can't find except by searching diligently in big cities.

You can get not only free long distance phone service to most countries, but even free videocalls to your friends and relatives. My Beth does this all the time to attend her relative's distant events such as Thanksgiving and birthdays - I talk with my editor in Australia all the time face to face - for free.

Want to share some news with relatives or fellow hobbyists, dog lovers, horse lovers, cat lovers, knitters? Also free.

And lots, lots more.

First we will be looking at companies which offer free shipping even of food in small quantities or which will deliver a grocery order to your car.

The free shipping is great because shopping can be difficult for many and it saves the gasoline needed to drive there. Sure free bus service even here in Punxsutawney (Groundhog Day if the name seems familiar) makes it free to go to a store but how many bags of groceries and pet food can you carry?

Did you realize Walmart offers free shipping for tens of thousands of items if your order is over $50?

Amazon charges about $100 per year for Prime but for that you get free 2 day shipping on about a hundred thousand items and much more such as free movies, TV shows, music, and more.

That's just a teaser and I'll go into the details in the next posting.